Welcome to ZAK Fashions Merchandising Ltd.
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Welcome to ZAK

ZAK Fashions Merchandising Ltd. founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2003. ZAK driving strong growth in three distinct core businesses- Competitive price, Quality, on time shipment. The ZAK Fashions has valued customer in worldwide. ZAK has established marketing office in New York USA and strong Associate office in Hong Kong that provides us the sourcing arm for the procurement of fabric & trims for our valued customers.

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Mission & Vision

The mission of ZAK Fashions Merchandising Ltd is dedication to the quality of product, timely delivery, and reasonable price, building business network and to earn our customers satisfaction. We are driven by the maxim of achieving the desired quality at most competitive prices, by leveraging on all available resources, controlling wastages, improving efficiencies and target oriented objective approach to the whole business.

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Who we are?

ZAK Fashions Merchandising Ltd. is a well-established and professionally managed garment buying house. We are an organization with over a decade of experience in services and sourcing of apparels and accessories. We have good network with manufacturers and suppliers who are equipped with good facilities. All our manufacturing units are fulfilling the social compliance's.

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